Fees generally are split equally by the parties unless they agree to another arrangement.

Green Mediation's Full-day rates; Half-day rates; and Hourly rates are competitive, fair and adjustable. We invite you to contact us to discuss fees specific to your situation

On all cases, there is generally NO charge for routine preparatory or follow up telephone calls, and there is never a charge for telephone calls or other additional services without the prior consent of the parties. No administrative fees or other charges shall be incurred by the parties.

Travel Costs

There are no additional travel costs charged to the parties for mediations conducted in Southern California. If the destination of your mediation hearing is outside this area, please call to discuss.

Cancellation & Continuance Policy

If a case is cancelled or continued within 7 days of the hearing date, fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. As incentive to resolve your dispute, fifty percent of the cancellation fee paid may be applied as a credit to mediations rescheduled within 45 days. The party responsible for any continuance may be assessed the entire continuance fee.


Fees must be deposited in advance in order to confirm the arrangements. Any supplemental fees are due upon invoicing.

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